Do-it-yourself photography

You like taking picture, you are interested in fashion…Which hobby is more suited for you than fashion photography? You can spend the free time matching clothes and colours and let them become a photo.

This is exactly what this girl did  : Sofia Vogliazzo and two friends of her , in a hot day out of July in Milan, spent their afternoon having fun with this hobby.

Obviously at least one of these three girls had some kind of photographical competences : Sofia attended a course delivered by Milan municipality and nowadays she is studying photography at the Bauer school , in Milan.

Here below an interview and the pictures we have talked of :

How long have you been interested in the world of photography?

– Since I was very young I loved pictures and when I grew up and started buying fashion magazines I realized that I wanted to become a fashion photographer.-

So you are more interested in photography than in fashion?

-Well, I am interested in fashion in the way I can transform it in a picture. I like clothes,accessories and colours and the way they appear in the picture once you have shot it.-

Who had the idea to made this ”home-made” shooting that afternoon?

-One of the girls I have immortalized is a model. She has a wardrobe full of all types of clothes and really enjoys creating new combinations so the starting idea was hers.-

With what kind of camera did you shoot?

-With my digital reflex Olympus. I used only that instrument because we had no specific light and no white background but I believe that the result is not so bad.-

Have you retouched the pictures?

-No because I didn’t have to use them for some kind of work. We enjoyed watching them and I sent them to my ”models” but I had no need to make them perfect for an employer.-

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo


When sport meets fashion

Usually when you think about fashion photography you think about great elegant clothes or extravagant creations of the biggest fashion designers but even sport clothes can be fashionable ! And , of course , even photos of sport suits can be creative and suggestive!

dimensione danza


We can call it ”sports fashion photography” and we can put into this category even the shootings made with great athletes as testimonials of the creations of big fashion designers.

christiano ronaldo for armani jeans

italian football team for D&G


Born in England in 1970 , Tim Walker became to be interested in fashion photography at the Cond Nast Library in London, where he worked on the Cecil Beaton archive for a year work experience prior to University. Soon after he got the three year photography BA Hons degree at Exeter College of Art. On graduation in 1994 he worked as a freelance photography assistant in London before moving to New York City as a full time assistant to Richard Avedon.

On returning to England he initially concentrated on portraits and documentary work for UK newspapers. At the age of 25 he shot the first fashion story for Vogue and has photographed for the Italian, German and American editions ever since.

In the spring of 2008 his first major show was held at the Design Museum in London , and coincided with the publication of his first book : ”Pictures”. ”Picture” was compiled by Tim himself : it contains not only a large number of fashion shots he took for Vogue and other magazines , but also pages from his scrapbooks of collages and preliminary studies , together with quotes from himself , his assistants, fashion editors and models.

Moreover , the Victoria and Alfred Museum and the National Portrait Museum of London include the photographs of Tim Walker in their permanent collections.

His photographs are evocative and , with extravagant staging and romantic motifs , his style is unmistakenable. He succeed to insert fashion in the fantastic frame of his pictures , increasing its value. Clothes and accessories which models wear are no more mere objects with an economical and social value but they became protagonists of a story. The reader is fascinated not only with clothes but with the whole fairy tale , its great colours , its absurd pieces of imagination.

Here below some of the most suggestive fashion pics :

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

Before we go forward , I believe that  Tim Walker’s photographs with the greatest power of suggestion are those he made with the model Lily Cole , who is perfect to interpret the protagonist of a fairy tale . Here some :

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

photo by Tim Walker

Fashion Shows Photos

Fashion photography is not only that of great names … but is definitely that of great fashion designers!

This is the reason why even the fashion shows ”shootings” can be considered a sort of fashion photography. They can appear on fashion magazines or they can be fashion magazines themselves.

'' Moda '' from '' Corriere della Sera ''



These kinds of photographs are more natural than the other types we have analized till now : they are captured during the catwalks when models don’t have the possibility to pose and photographers don’t have the possibility to control lights,poses and movements of dresses.

Usually for important photographic campaigns and advertisings fashion designers prefer great photographers, who can make their dresses more beautiful than others , their parfumes more attractive than others and so on…

Instead, for fashion shows ”shootings” , there’s no need to have great photographers : big fashion magazines are interested to publish fashion designers’ collections on their papers,so they pay for ”ordinary” photographers to obtain them. In the meanwhile, fashion designers obtain visibility and free publicity because their dresses appear in newsstands all over the world.



If someone wanted to see every single dress of the collection of a fashion designers , he wouldn’t be obliged to buy a fashion magazine … he could simply turn on his computer and choose which of these website look :

For Vogue :                  

For Elle :                        

For Harper’s Bazaar :

Fashion shootings on tv : America’s Next Top Model

Who has never heard about this tv program?

America’s Next Top Model is a reality show produced by the top model Tyra Banks. In the show 13/14 girls are selected and begin their travel to became the newt top model of America. During the competition they have to face challanges, tv spots and fashion shootings.

Here we come in contact with a different type of fashion shooting :  this is no more connected to fashion magazines or to blogs and websites but it is shown on television!

On ” America’s Next Top Model ” everyone can see the fashion shooting while they are made, live on his television. You can hear the directions of the photographer to the model and you can have a vague idea of the great amount of work to prepare a shooting.

Here an example , taken from one of the first seasons of the reality :

As a viewer, after you have seen the creation of the shooting, you can watch the best pictures taken to every single model , while the judges of the program comment them. It is funny and some of these photographs are taken by famous fashion photographers so that they are really nice.

Here below I have searched some of those I liked most :

Fashion Shootings

We’ve talked about big photographers and about their famous fashion shootings on magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. However, there are other types of fashion shootings which are addressed to a larger public.

The shootings appearing in fashion magazines are available only for a narrow public, that of the men and women who buy those magazines. On the other side we have shootings who can be seen by everyone only whit a click of the mouse : I am talking about photographs on Flickr. is an internet side where you can share your photographs and everyone, all over the world, can see them. Today it has a library in continue growth, with seven milions of users, posting more than two thousand photos every minute.

If you visit this site and search ” Fashion photography ” or ” Fashion shooting ” you will find thousand of albums from different authors , full of amateur fashion photographs. Some of these shoots are taken in the streets and show real life but they are particularly interesting for thier fashion details ; some others are real fashion shootings, with posed models and a clear attention to composition.

Unfortunately, I cannot post examples of these images on this blog but I can write down the link of some of the most significative photographs I have found.

For the first type of fashion photographs ( single shoots from real life ) :

For the second type of fashion photographs ( constructed fashion shootings ) :


Peter Lindbergh is a pseudonym for Peter Brodbeck ( Lissa,23 november 1944 ) , a German fashion photographer. He was born in Lissa but he soon moved to Duisburg , in Germany , to study art. One of his most well known early photographs, shot in 1988 for a Comme des Garçons campaign, shows three robotic-looking models dwarfed against the overwhelming scale of the machinery in a steam-era factory. The image crystallizes the enormous political, industrial and cultural changes, which occurred in Europe at the end of the 1980s.

photo by Peter Lindbergh

Lindbergh’s current photography mirrors contemporary life. Describing his work, American Photo has said: “The most important quality in Peter Lindbergh’s fashion photography is a forthright, almost shocking honesty. His models seem to open themselves emotionally to his camera. Amid the artifice, they seem real.”

Peter Lindbergh was 27 when he picked up a camera for the first time. Shortly afterward, he became an assistant to photographer Hans Lux. By 1973, after completing a two-year apprenticeship with Lux, he began working independently as an advertising photographer. His early images were characterized by a preference for black and white film, which continues to comprise 60% of his work. They were ripe with spontaneity, and his models’ expressions lacked the artifice prevalent in fashion. The early work had a strong narrative quality. In 1978, after Stern Magazine published his first fashion series of photographs and demand for his work became overwhelming, he moved to Paris.

Lindbergh’s photographs have since appeared in every major fashion magazine published, including Italian, French, British and American Vogue, W, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Stern, and Rolling Stone. Until January 1997, much of his editorial output appeared in Harper’s Bazaar. In 1992 Bazaar signed a contract with Lindbergh, an unprecedented move at the time. During the last ten years, and some still today, he has photographed the advertising campaigns for the foremost designers in America and Europe, including Giorgio Armani, Prada, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Hugo Boss.

Considered one of the great masters of black and white photography, Peter Lindbergh is acclaimed for his cinematic images, which have redefined the world of fashion photography with their compelling realism, lack of pretension and ineffable depth of emotion.

Here below, some of his works:

photo by Peter Lindbergh

photo by Peter Lindbergh

photo by Peter Lindbergh ( for Vogue )

photo by Peter Lindbergh