Richard Avedon ( New York, 15 may 1923 ) is an American photographer and he is famous all over the world for his greatly elaborated photographs. In 1942 he left his studies to enlist in the Navy and he had the possibility to travel around the world. When he came back, he moved to refine his technical competence in photography, becoming a professional photographer. In the Fourthies he attended a course at the New School for Social Research, held by Alexy Brodovitch, the director of Harper’s Bazaar.In 1961 Avedon will become the artistic director of the magazine and only in 1965 he passed from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue.

In his role of an intellectual photographer, Avedon underlines the importance of elaborating photographs because they never represent reality at all. His photographs are a mixture of thought and elaboration and hardly ever they are not planned in detail.

Here below two covers, for Harper’s Bazaar and for Vogue :

photo by Richard Avedon

photo by Richard Avedon

Some other Richard Avedon’s masterpieces :

photo by Richard Avedon ( for Vogue )

photo by Richard Avedon ( for Harper's Bazaar )

Anyway, one of his most important works as a fashion photographer remains ”Dovima” ,  which portrays a model, wearing a Dior evening dress, in an extremely innatural pose , between two elephants. This picture was taken in 1955 and it represent the greatest artifice.

photo by Richard Avedon



Mario Sorrenti ( Napoli, 24 november 1971 ) is an Italian photographer. He is famous for his nudes , where he portayts strong and provocant women .

His career took off when he immortalized Kate Moss for a Calvin Klein publicity campain.From this point on he was required for shooting in some of the most important fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and for some of the most important fashion designers, such as Prada,Yves Saint Laurent,Lancome,Paco Rabanne and Benetton.

Ck Obsession :

photo by Mario Sorrenti

photo by Mario Sorrenti

Kate Moss’ nude for Vogue Hommes International :

photo by Mario Sorrenti

photo by Mario Sorrenti

Here below, some other photographs : the first from a shooting for Harper’s Bazaar , the second for Vogue.

photo by Mario Sorrenti

photo by Mario Sorrenti

The real world of fashion photography

We have said that everyone can become a fashion photographer. Some people can interpret this as a simple hobby, some other use it as a real profession. Those who work as fashion photographer constitute the real world of fashion photography.

Many of these photographers do not only work for the world of fashion. Usually their carrer is wider and includes portraits of big stars and famous characters or simply art photographs on the most different themes.

When a photographer becomes famous he is called to make fashion services for big fashion magazines or for the big names of fashion design.

I will analize the style of three different fashion photographers, coming from three different countries : the Italian Mario Sorrenti, the American Richard Avedon and the German Peter Lindbergh.

Being a fashion photographer yourself

Being a fashion photographer means to create art using the body and the clothing. Starting from this definition, we all understand that everyone could become a fashion photographer! You can simply buy a digital camera and start taking pictures!

It is not impossible to make an ”amateur” fashion photography. If you want to be a little more serious you can also sign up for a course of digital photography to learn more about how to take pictures. In Milan there are so many possibilities for everyone to find a good photography course, for example at NABA or those organized by the municipality of Milan.

If someone could be interested:


Comune Milano

A little introduction

Before we start , we need a little definition of what we are talking about.

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items.This kind of photography is often used for advertisements or photo sessions for fashion magazines such as Vogue,Elle,Allure…

model Isabeli Fontana for Vogue,Paris,November 2009

Hello world!

photo by mario testino

Hi everybody!

Here is Ludovica!

Today I want to tell you something about fashion photography. For all my life I’ve been fascinated by photography and I believe that fashion photography is one of the funniest and most interesting of all kinds of photography.

I will concentrate on different types of fashion photoghraphy : starting from the amateur one and going on till that of most famous photographers!

Are you ready? Let’s start!