Fashion shootings on tv : America’s Next Top Model

Who has never heard about this tv program?

America’s Next Top Model is a reality show produced by the top model Tyra Banks. In the show 13/14 girls are selected and begin their travel to became the newt top model of America. During the competition they have to face challanges, tv spots and fashion shootings.

Here we come in contact with a different type of fashion shooting :  this is no more connected to fashion magazines or to blogs and websites but it is shown on television!

On ” America’s Next Top Model ” everyone can see the fashion shooting while they are made, live on his television. You can hear the directions of the photographer to the model and you can have a vague idea of the great amount of work to prepare a shooting.

Here an example , taken from one of the first seasons of the reality :

As a viewer, after you have seen the creation of the shooting, you can watch the best pictures taken to every single model , while the judges of the program comment them. It is funny and some of these photographs are taken by famous fashion photographers so that they are really nice.

Here below I have searched some of those I liked most :


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