Fashion Shootings

We’ve talked about big photographers and about their famous fashion shootings on magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. However, there are other types of fashion shootings which are addressed to a larger public.

The shootings appearing in fashion magazines are available only for a narrow public, that of the men and women who buy those magazines. On the other side we have shootings who can be seen by everyone only whit a click of the mouse : I am talking about photographs on Flickr. is an internet side where you can share your photographs and everyone, all over the world, can see them. Today it has a library in continue growth, with seven milions of users, posting more than two thousand photos every minute.

If you visit this site and search ” Fashion photography ” or ” Fashion shooting ” you will find thousand of albums from different authors , full of amateur fashion photographs. Some of these shoots are taken in the streets and show real life but they are particularly interesting for thier fashion details ; some others are real fashion shootings, with posed models and a clear attention to composition.

Unfortunately, I cannot post examples of these images on this blog but I can write down the link of some of the most significative photographs I have found.

For the first type of fashion photographs ( single shoots from real life ) :

For the second type of fashion photographs ( constructed fashion shootings ) :


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