Richard Avedon ( New York, 15 may 1923 ) is an American photographer and he is famous all over the world for his greatly elaborated photographs. In 1942 he left his studies to enlist in the Navy and he had the possibility to travel around the world. When he came back, he moved to refine his technical competence in photography, becoming a professional photographer. In the Fourthies he attended a course at the New School for Social Research, held by Alexy Brodovitch, the director of Harper’s Bazaar.In 1961 Avedon will become the artistic director of the magazine and only in 1965 he passed from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue.

In his role of an intellectual photographer, Avedon underlines the importance of elaborating photographs because they never represent reality at all. His photographs are a mixture of thought and elaboration and hardly ever they are not planned in detail.

Here below two covers, for Harper’s Bazaar and for Vogue :

photo by Richard Avedon

photo by Richard Avedon

Some other Richard Avedon’s masterpieces :

photo by Richard Avedon ( for Vogue )

photo by Richard Avedon ( for Harper's Bazaar )

Anyway, one of his most important works as a fashion photographer remains ”Dovima” ,  which portrays a model, wearing a Dior evening dress, in an extremely innatural pose , between two elephants. This picture was taken in 1955 and it represent the greatest artifice.

photo by Richard Avedon


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