Fashion Shows Photos

Fashion photography is not only that of great names … but is definitely that of great fashion designers!

This is the reason why even the fashion shows ”shootings” can be considered a sort of fashion photography. They can appear on fashion magazines or they can be fashion magazines themselves.

'' Moda '' from '' Corriere della Sera ''



These kinds of photographs are more natural than the other types we have analized till now : they are captured during the catwalks when models don’t have the possibility to pose and photographers don’t have the possibility to control lights,poses and movements of dresses.

Usually for important photographic campaigns and advertisings fashion designers prefer great photographers, who can make their dresses more beautiful than others , their parfumes more attractive than others and so on…

Instead, for fashion shows ”shootings” , there’s no need to have great photographers : big fashion magazines are interested to publish fashion designers’ collections on their papers,so they pay for ”ordinary” photographers to obtain them. In the meanwhile, fashion designers obtain visibility and free publicity because their dresses appear in newsstands all over the world.



If someone wanted to see every single dress of the collection of a fashion designers , he wouldn’t be obliged to buy a fashion magazine … he could simply turn on his computer and choose which of these website look :

For Vogue :                  

For Elle :                        

For Harper’s Bazaar :


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