Do-it-yourself photography

You like taking picture, you are interested in fashion…Which hobby is more suited for you than fashion photography? You can spend the free time matching clothes and colours and let them become a photo.

This is exactly what this girl did  : Sofia Vogliazzo and two friends of her , in a hot day out of July in Milan, spent their afternoon having fun with this hobby.

Obviously at least one of these three girls had some kind of photographical competences : Sofia attended a course delivered by Milan municipality and nowadays she is studying photography at the Bauer school , in Milan.

Here below an interview and the pictures we have talked of :

How long have you been interested in the world of photography?

– Since I was very young I loved pictures and when I grew up and started buying fashion magazines I realized that I wanted to become a fashion photographer.-

So you are more interested in photography than in fashion?

-Well, I am interested in fashion in the way I can transform it in a picture. I like clothes,accessories and colours and the way they appear in the picture once you have shot it.-

Who had the idea to made this ”home-made” shooting that afternoon?

-One of the girls I have immortalized is a model. She has a wardrobe full of all types of clothes and really enjoys creating new combinations so the starting idea was hers.-

With what kind of camera did you shoot?

-With my digital reflex Olympus. I used only that instrument because we had no specific light and no white background but I believe that the result is not so bad.-

Have you retouched the pictures?

-No because I didn’t have to use them for some kind of work. We enjoyed watching them and I sent them to my ”models” but I had no need to make them perfect for an employer.-

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo

photo by Sofia Vogliazzo


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